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How to Choose the Best Welding Technical School near Norris City Illinois

Norris City IL welding school studentChoosing the right welder vocational school near Norris City IL is an important first step to beginning your new career as a professional welder. But since there are a lot of schools to select from, how do you know which ones to consider? And more significantly, once you have narrowed down your options, how do you pick the best one? Many people begin by looking at the schools that are nearest to their homes. When they have located those that are within commuting distance, they gravitate toward the least expensive one. Yes, location and the cost of tuition are necessary issues when evaluating welding technical schools, but they are not the only ones. Other concerns include such things as accreditation, reputation and job placement rates. So before starting your search for a vocational school to become a welder, it’s sensible to establish a list of qualifications that your chosen school must have. But before we delve into our due diligence checklist, let’s talk a little bit about how to become a welder.

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Welder Degree and Certificate Programs

welding car in Norris City ILThere are several alternatives available to get training as a welder in a technical or trade school. You can earn a diploma, a certificate or an Associate Degree. Bachelor Degrees are available in Welding Technology or Welding Engineering, but are more advanced degrees than most journeyman welders will need. Some programs are also made available along with an apprenticeship program. Below are brief summaries of the most typical welding programs available in the Norris City IL area.

  • Diploma and Certificate Programs are usually offered by technical and trade schools and take about a year to finish. They are more hands-on training in scope, fashioned primarily to develop welding skills. They can provide a good foundation for a new journeyman or apprentice welder, or additional skills for experienced welders.
  • Associate Degree Programs will take two years to finish and are most often offered by community colleges. An Associate Degree in Welding Technology offers a more well-rounded education than the certificate or diploma while still supplying the foundation that readies students to enter the workforce.

A number of states and municipalities do have licensing requirements for welders, so make sure to check for your location of potential employment. If required, the welding school you pick should prepare you for any licensing exams that you will have to take in addition to furnishing the appropriate training to become a qualified welder.

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Welder Certification Options

welder working in Norris City IL shopThere are various organizations that offer welder certifications, which evaluate the skill level and knowledge of those applying. A large number of Norris City IL employers not only require a degree or certificate from an accredited welding school, but also certification from a respected organization such as the American Welding Society (AWS). Different certifications are available based upon the kind of work that the welder performs. Some of the things that certification can attest to are the welder’s ability to

  • Operate in compliance with specific codes
  • Work with specific metal thicknesses
  • Work with specific kinds of welds
  • Operate based on contract specifications

As previously mentioned, various cities, states or local municipalities have licensing requirements for welders. Of those requiring licensing, many also require certification for different kinds of work. Certification is also a means to prove to employers that you are an exceptionally skilled and experienced welder. So similarly as with licensing, check the requirements for your local area and make sure that the welding technical school you decide on readies you for certification if needed.

Topics to Ask Welder Vocational Schools

What to ask Norris City IL welding schoolsOnce you have decided on the credential you want to obtain, a certificate, diploma or degree, you can begin to compare schools. As you are no doubt aware, there are numerous welding vocational and trade schools in the Norris City IL area. That’s why it’s necessary to decide in advance what qualifications your school of choice must have. We have previously covered 2 significant ones that most people look at first, which are location and the cost of tuition. As stated, although they are very important qualifications, they are not the only ones that should be considered. After all, the school you decide on is going to furnish the education that will be the foundation of your new vocation as a welder. So following are more factors you might want to consider before selecting a welding vocational school.

Accreditation. It’s very important that the welder trade school you pick is accredited by either a national or a regional organization. There are 2 basic types of accreditation. The school may earn Institutional Accreditation based on all of their programs. Programmatic Accreditation is based on a single program the school has, such as Welding Technology. So make sure that the program you select is accredited, not just the school itself. Also, the accreditation should be by a U.S. Department of Education recognized accrediting agency, such as the Accrediting Commission of Career Schools and Colleges of Technology (ACCSCT). Besides helping make sure that you obtain an excellent education, the accreditation might also assist in obtaining financial aid or student loans, which are frequently not available in Norris City IL for schools that are not accredited. Finally, for those states or local governments that mandate licensing, they may require that the welding training program be accredited as well.

Apprenticeship and Job Assistance Programs. Many welding certificate or degree programs are provided in conjunction with an apprenticeship program. Other schools will help place you in a job or an apprenticeship upon graduation. Ask if the schools you are considering assist in placing students in apprenticeships or have a job placement program. These schools should have partnerships with local unions and various metal working businesses to which they can place their students. More established schools may have a larger network of graduates that they can utilize for referrals. These programs can help students find employment and establish associations within the Norris City IL welding community.

Job Placement and Completion Rates. The completion rate is the percentage of students that begin an educational program and complete it. It’s crucial that the welder program you choose has a high completion rate. A low rate might signify that the students who joined the program were unhappy with the instruction, the instructors, or the facilities, and quit. The job placement rate is also a good indicator of the caliber of training. A high job placement rate will not only affirm that the program has an excellent reputation within the trade, but also that it has the network of Norris City IL contacts to assist students secure apprenticeships or employment upon graduation.

Up-to-date Facilities and Equipment. After you have narrowed down your selection of welder schools to 2 or 3 possibilities, you should consider going to the campuses to look over their facilities. Verify that both the equipment and the facilities that you will be taught on are up-to-date. In particular, the training equipment should be similar to what you will be working with on the job. If you are not sure what to look for, and are currently in an apprenticeship program, consult with the master welder you are working under for guidance. Otherwise, ask a local Norris City IL welding professional if they can give you a few tips.

School Location. Although we previously briefly talked about the importance of location, there are a few additional issues that we need to deal with. You should keep in mind that unless you have the ability to move, the welder school you choose needs to be within driving distance of your Norris City IL home. If you do opt to attend an out-of-state school, in addition to relocation expenses there might be higher tuition fees for out-of-state residents. This is especially the case for welder degree programs offered by community colleges. Furthermore, if the school offers a job placement or apprenticeship program, often their placements are within the school’s regional community. So the location of the school needs to be in an area or state where you subsequently will wish to work.

Small Classes. Individualized instruction is essential for a hands-on trade such as welding. It’s easy to get lost in bigger classes and not obtain much personalized training. Find out what the typical class size is for the welder programs you are considering. Ask if you can sit in on a few classes so that you can experience just how much personal attention the students are receiving. While there, talk with several of the students and get their opinions. Similarly, chat with a couple of the trainers and find out what their welding experience has been and what credentials and certifications they have earned.

Convenient Class Schedules. Many people learn a new trade while still working at their present job. Confirm that the class schedules for the schools you are reviewing are flexible enough to satisfy your needs. If you can only attend classes in the evenings or on weekends near Norris City IL, make certain that the schools you are assessing offer those alternatives. If you can only enroll on a part-time basis, confirm that the school you select offers part-time enrollment. Also, check to see what the policy is to make up classes if you you miss any due to work, sickness or family responsibilities.

Online Welding Training

Norris City IL master welder attending online welding classesWelding is truly a manual type of vocation, and therefore not extremely compatible with online training. Even so, there are a few online welding programs offered by specific community colleges and technical schools in the greater Norris City IL area that may be credited toward a certificate or degree program. These courses mainly cover such subjects as safety, reading blueprints, and metallurgy. They can help provide a beginner a foundation to start their education and training. However, the most important point is that you can’t learn how to weld or work with welding materials unless you actually do it. Clearly that can’t be accomplished online. These skills have to be learned in an on-campus setting or in an apprenticeship. Online or distance learning is better suited for experienced welders that would like to advance their knowledge or perhaps earn a more advanced degree. So if you should come across an online welding certificate or degree program, be extremely careful and confirm that the bulk of the training is done on campus or in a workshop type of setting.

Top Weekend Welder Training Norris City IL

Norris City IL apprentice welderPicking the right welding training program will undoubtedly be the most critical decision you will make to start your new profession. You originally stopped by our website because you had an interest in Top Weekend Welder Training and wanted more information on the topic Best Fast Track Welder Training. However, as we have discussed in this article, there are a number of things that you will need to assess and compare among the schools you are looking at. It’s a must that any welding training that you are considering includes a good deal of hands-on training. Classes should be small in size and every student should have their personal welding machine to train on. Classroom teaching needs to provide a real-world perspective, and the curriculum should be up-to-date and conform with industry standards. Programs differ in length and the type of credential provided, so you will have to decide what length of program and certificate or degree will best fulfill your needs. Every training program provides unique possibilities for certification as well. Probably the best means to research your short list of schools is to visit each campus and talk with the teachers and students. Invest some time to sit in on some classes. Inspect the campus and facilities. Make sure that you are confident that the program you select is the best one for you. With the right training, effort and dedication, the end outcome will be a new trade as a professional welder in Norris City IL.

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    Norris City, Illinois

    The post office at Norris City was established May 15, 1871, with William A. Johnson appointed as the first Postmaster. The name for Norris City had to have been decided prior to the time it was platted and prior to the opening of the post office. The question of how Norris City got its name has caused many debates throughout the years. The new community, for a short time in early 1871, was called “Popeye” or “Popeye’s Station, after William A. Johnson, the first depot agent at the site who had the nickname of Popeye. The trainmen said they were stopping at “Popeye” or “Popeye’s Station.” The story is that Mr. Johnson’s eyes protruded, so he was given the nickname of Popeye. This was before the days of the Popeye cartoon character, which was created by a native of Chester, Ill.. The story is, that children going to Gum Prairie Grade School near Mr. Johnson’s house gave him the nickname. The other story is that he was given the nickname by the trainmen. Stories about how Norris City got its name are varied, but the following is a result of my research: First off, it was not named after any of the aforementioned people involved in getting Norris City started and platted. This deepens the mystery. According to one story, the people of the new village got together to try to agree upon a name for it. It was decided that the name would come from the person or family having the most land in the area. After the acreages were added up, the Norris family beat out the Johnson family by just a few acres. Thus, as the story goes, it was named Norris City. William Norris was the head of the Norris family at that time so it was said to have been named after him.

    Another version is that a meeting was held and the railroad had been doing some business with William Norris so they decided to name the town Norris City after him. So the story goes that he went home from the meeting and told his wife, Emaline (White) Norris, and she replied she didn’t think it was such a big deal to have such a small place named after you. Another story is that Thomas Ridgway, for whom Ridgway was named, was on a train going through here. Mr. Ridgway was  the President of the Springfield and Illinois Southeastern Railroad, and he asked what the town had been named. It is said that the foreman of the construction crew, or one version says he was conductor or engineer of the train, spoke up and said the trainmen call it Popeye or Popeye’s Station. Mr. Ridgway, so the story goes, said that was no name for a town. This trainman is then supposed to have said, “Why don’t you name it after me?” So they did. His name was supposed to have been John William Norris of Fairfield. Nellie Johnson, wife of Mel Johnson, said her father was on the train when this happened. Mel and Nellie Johnson operated Johnson’s Hardware of the south side of East Main Street in Norris City for years. Another version of this story is that the engineer of the work train constructing the railroad tracks to the site of Norris City boarded at the home of William Norris, and his wife Emaline (White) Norris at the west edge of the site of the new village. It is said that he was the one who spoke up and suggested the name for the town. He was fond of the cooking of Mrs. Emaline Norris, who was noted as a good cook. For this reason, it is said that he suggested the name Norris City, naming the town after her and not her husband, William Norris. Jessie (Robb) Newkirk, wife of Vollie Newkirk (parents of Beth (Newkirk) Rister) and a granddaughter of William and Emaline Norris said that her grandmother always said that the town was named after her and not after her husband.A brother and a sister of Jessie Newkirk also told the same story that had been told to them by their grandmother Norris.

    The book, “Illinois, a Descriptive and Historical Guide,” compiled in 1939 by Federal Works Agency, Works Project Administration, states that Norris City, altitude 444, population 1109, a trading center for an agricultural and coal mining district was named in honor of a pioneer settler, William Norris. A reference report of the Illinois State Historical Library states, “No information is available in our records as to the origins of the name, Norris City.”



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